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Nova Sagittarii 2010

V5585 Sgr = Nova Sagittarii 2010

Discoverer: John Seach.

Discovery date: 2010 January 20.72 UT

Position: R.A. 18 07 26.95   Dec. -29 00 43.6  (2000.0)

Maximum magnitude: 8.5 Visual

Spectrum: H. Maehara, Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto University. H-alpha, H-beta, and Fe II emission lines.

Notes: Fe II nova. Poorly observed nova with only 22 observations in AAVSO database. My first astronomical discovery after 19 years searching for comets and novae. 

CBET 2140, 2142
IAUC 9112
AAVSO Special Notice 190
AAVSO Alert Notice 416
Variable Star Index (VSX)
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