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Nova Discoveries

Eleven nova discoveries by John Seach from 2010-2018

Nova Circini 2018
PNV J13532700-6725110
Magnitude 9.1 at discovery. Discovered on January 19.708 UT 2018.
Brightened to magnitude 8.2 on discovery day. Maximum magnitude 6.2
ASAS-SN Sky Patrol narrowed time of eruption to around January 19.339 UT.
Fe II nova with P Cygni profiles. Observed with NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.
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Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2
V5668 Sgr
Bright naked-eye nova. Maximim magnitude 4.0. Gamma-ray emitter.
Brightest nova discovered in Sagittarius. Top 30 brightest nova in the Milky Way. Fe II nova.
Light curve showed deep dust dip. Short-period oscillations detected by Swift satellite.
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Nova Centauri 2013
V1369 Cen
Bright naked-eye nova. Maximum magnitude 3.3. Gamma-ray emitter. 16th brightest nova in the Milky Way.
Solved the Lithium problem in Cosmology. First nova observed producing Lithium.
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Nova Ophiuchi 2012 No.2
Fifth find of a record 5 nova discoveries in 12 weeks by John Seach!
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Nova Centauri 2012 No.2
Confirmed as a nova, but inexplicably forgotten to be given a permanent designation by GCVS.
Second of two close nova discoveries in Centaurus by John Seach.
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Nova LMC 2012
Remarkable nova. Possible recurrent nova. Highest temperature nova ever observed.
Second nova discovery in 3 days by John Seach.
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Nova Centauri 2012
Classical nova. First of two novae discoveries in Centaurus within 10 days by John Seach.
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Nova Carinae 2012
Fe II classical nova.
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Nova Scorpii 2011 No.2
Second of 2 close nova discoveries in Scorpio by John Seach.
Fe II classical nova, highly reddened by the interstellar medium.
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Nova Scorpii 2011
Classical nova with high interstellar reddening.
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Nova Sagittarii 2010
My first astronomical discovery after 19 years searching for comets and novae.
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