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Nova Centauri 2012 No. 2

Nova Centauri 2012 No. 2 = TCP J14250600-5845360

Discoverer: John Seach

Discovery date: 2012 April 04.765 UT

Position: R.A. 14 25 04.45   Dec. -58 45 34.3 (2000.0)

Maximum magnitude: 9.5 Visual

Notes: Confirmed as a nova, but inexplicably forgotten to be given a permanent designation by GCVS. Second of 2 close nova discoveries in Centaurus by John Seach. 9833 observations in Variable Star Index (VSX). Fe II nova spectrum identified by T. Bohlsen, Armidale, NSW, Australia.


Transient Object Confirmation Page
AAVSO Special Notice 274
Variable Star Index (VSX)
Saito, R. K., Minniti, D., Angeloni, R., et al. 2013, A&A, 554, 123: A Near-Infrared Catalogue of the Galactic Novae in the VVV Survey Area